Other Ways to Give

Boost the Beagle Bill
For $50 you can help BFP pass the Beagle Freedom Bill! This signature piece of legislation is being introduced in 5 states in 2015 and will mandate the freedom of dogs and cats from laboratories!

Build the R.O.C.!
The Beagle Freedom Project Rescue & Outreach Center (ROC) will be the rock upon which we can both help victims of vivisection recover and give the public an opportunity to assist with their first steps on the road to freedom.

Monthly Donation
A monthly donation is the gift that keeps on giving all year long! Help us sustain the freedom momentum.

Donation via Check
Please make your check payable to Beagle Freedom Project and mail it to the address below.

4804 Laurel Canyon Blvd. #534 Valley Village, CA 91607
Testamentary Gifts
A charitable gift contained in your will or living trust is a wonderful legacy.

Gifts of Retirement Plans
Naming ARME's Beagle Freedom Project as a primary or contingent beneficiary of a retirement plan.

Yes! I want to support the life-saving and life-changing work of ARME’s Beagle Freedom Project! With your help we rescue hundreds of animals a year from laboratories across the country and proudly tell their stories to provoke important public conversations about animal-testing. This important work is inspiring a change in laws, a strong cruelty-free movement and modern medicine as we end animal-testing !

Please use this link for PayPal and International donations.

All donations qualify for exemption rules under IRS code 501(c)(3).

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One-time regular donation
Yes- automatically repeat this gift monthly!

Contributions are tax deductible.

For donations of $100 or more, we will send your designee a beautiful card recognizing your donation.

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